Drones swarms flying autonomously

Let's show the world what drones are capable of!

We make spectacular drones shows

Our Flying Bebop team designs and operates world class shows using drones and dancers. Our aim is to showcase the potential of autonomous drones, with great dynamism and exceptionnal interaction between dancers and drones.

During the show, the drones operate without human input. That’s because our team of engineers made it possible. They continuously push back the technical limits of the drones to make them smarter and have a wonderful show.

Learn about our drones shows
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Let’s change our worldview

You can’t check this catenary pole? Or this train roof? Our product will do it for you.
With our semi-autonomous short range drone, you can easily obtain informations from object hard to reach. Every inspection is managed by our global platform, enabling fast data visualization and monitoring. We run drone as a service to make your inspections easier and safer.


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